2017 | 3rd EDITION



The LCG Academy Internship Program is an organized and structured program for the hiring of recent graduates.

LCG advanced with the 1st Edition of the Program in September 2015, and count with the entry of 6 trainees who gave life to this embryonic program. The 2nd Edition counted with 10 trainees.

The program count with a period of 3 months of transversal training, in room and on-the-job, inserted in a structured team. Subsequently, the resources were integrated into the LCG team.

This year, LCG is preparing to launch the 3rd Edition of the Program and accepts applications for the following areas:

  - S&O (Strategy & Operations);

  - ANA (Analytics);

  - EBA (Enterprise Business Applications);

  - MSI (Marketing & Sales Intelligence): Data Mining Analyst;

  - Legal & Incentives.


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Joana Tomás


These 6 months at LCG Academy, gave me an amazing and phenomenal experience. I had the opportunity to participate in different projects that have helped my development, not only in a personal way, but also in the professional field! None of this would have been possible without the help of the people who accompanied me and who have become a great support ever since.

Bernardo Magalhães


LCG Academy gave me the opportunity to start my professional career. I remember the training period at LCG Academy as na excellent time and all the attention given by the program responsibles, who brought us cakes and accompanied us throughout the all process.

I was welcomed by the LCG team with wide open arms and all my colleagues are available to help me whenever I need them, and always with a smile on their face.

Miguel Pinto Coelho


I take an extremely positive experience from these 6 months at LCG Academy. During this period, the possibility of being embedded in several challenging projects and having been given the freedom to contribute in a positive way to them, helped me develop and exceed myself. The requirement and responsibility for extension, strengthened my evolution over the months. However, the best of this all experience was the possibility of being accompanied by exceptional people, who sought to integrate me in the best way possible, sharing their experiences and knowledge. Today I feel that I truly belong to a team with high value, that bets on me and in a future full of opportunities!

LCG Careers

Given the current phase of marked growth and geographical expansion of the LCG (Europe, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Colombia, Brazil), we look for quality resources and solid profiles.

At LCG you find challenging opportunities and the possibility of professional growth in a stimulating environment and a multidisciplinary team.

We welcome you to the Careers section of our website. Here you can find the opportunities that we have open and submit your application.



João Alves


Collaborating with LCG is being a very enriching experience, both in the professional and personal dimensions, to the extent that the challenges of na organization in affirmation requires. In my opinion, the differentiating ingredients of LCG result from the fusion of concepts such as dynamism, overcoming, belonging and teamwork. If I had to describe my experience of collaborating with LCG in one word, it would undoubtedly be: CHALLENGE!

Luciana Micael


Working at LCG allows us to develop skills in many areas through constant learning, filled with challenges and opportunities, allowing us to leverage resilience, team spirit and technical knowledge.

Personally, my experience at LCG has boosted my growth as a professional, in a work environment that promotes my abilities and where everyone contributes in a positive way to achieve excellence.

Bárbara Rodrigues


I am a recent piece in the LCG machine but, in a very short amount of time, I had the opportunity to confirm my expectations and consolidate my bet. Nowadays, I am very pleased to be part of a multidisciplinary, young and dynamic team that allows me to acquire new knowledge in the most diverse areas and, thus, broaden my horizon of action, being convinced that the challenges that daily arise, will make me become a more qualified professional, prepared for the challenges of a demanding society. The future is the LCG and at LCG!